Replica Ebel Watches Actually 3 5 5 stars

Well I really did like the style of the watch I guess I was hoping that instead of lighting up every 10 min or at the press of a button it would ve just stayed on Although I best price replica ebel watches do see the problems in having it on all the time could be very distracting to some people very battery draining which I ll get to in a sec various personal preferences so I guess it was at a good compromise Due to personal preference I won t really dock any points just thought it was worth mentioning I did dock half a star because the main part would come off of the wtist strap Sure its a cheap watch and I knew that when I bought it and to be replica ebel watches honest it was a quick fix buy replica ebel watches replica wholesale I wouldn t have cared if it happened occasionally or after rough care but replica corum bubble automatic fashion watches it happened frequently and easily came apart But like I said its a cheap watch and a quick fix so only half a star Now to the battery after oh 1 month of having it it stopped working Dis a ppointing Minus 1 starAlso worth mentioningI read that the lights flood over into the next number so you can t get an aaa copy replica ebel watches accurate time False Sure some lights do cross over but its mere ambient light the LED light that is on is a lot sharper and brighter than the one that it 34 leaks 34 into I did get a lot of people compliment me on it Although I did limit it to certain crowds as one should doThe part that you tighten the watch with was frustrating at least to me I found it was annoying to take high quality replica ebel watches off After fiddling with it for 2 minutes the watch part would end up detatching itself from the wrist strap sigh All in allI recommend this product even if it does work only for a month


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