Replica Alain Silberstein Watches Exploring Your Energy The Heart Chakra

This post is gold replica alain silberstein watches part of our chakra series from Kristen Hedges To read the introduction to this series click here It quite appropriate that my post about the fourth chakra the heart chakra has fallen on the week of Valentine day Today wee going to gently explore this center of love amp compassion I remember feeling my heart open Until then it had been a cautious place One of hesitation and gnawing regret I had been broken and bruised so many times and eventually I stopped peeling the bandages off It was summertime and I was at Bhakti Fest I spent the better half of the weekend dancing in the front of the crowd to music by Krishna Das and The Kirtaniyas and DJ Drez There was one evening when the clouds turned dark and promised rain that CC White took the stage and exhaled a song into the sky that I could feel moving straight through me as if I wasn even there I began to cry I tucked my face away and held my hands to my heart And then I felt an arm around my shoulder A stranger swayed beside me hugging me with one arm holding the opposite hand to his own heart From somewhere in the crowd he had noticed that I was falling apart and silently offered to hold all my pieces together He never said a word I never learned his name He held me until the end of the song and then disappeared back into the cheering group of Bhaktis There was a subtle fluttering in my ribs A gentle stirring Something waking up and then8230 In that moment I felt my heart break open I felt love pour in A love never spoken nor expressed in anything more than a shared energy and a short embrace between strangers A love that was always there between him and I between us and the rest of the world Only never before had I turned the dial of my life far enough to tap into it Name Anahata Heart Center Location The heart center of the chest Colour Green This is your center of love Of acceptance and compassion It is the balancing point between all things material the lower 3 chakras and all things spiritual the upper 3 chakras Beneath the ragged pages of our own personal stories beneath pain amp sorrow amp brokenness there will always be this place of overflowing love amp wholeness there in the center of your heart When the Heart Chakra is open amp clear Youe feeling loved open and energized You feel that you have the ability to forgive amp let go Youe breathing easily literally and figuratively and you know that you have abundant love to share Youe at ease with yourself and with those around you You are content accepting and understanding The Heart Chakra can become blocked by Damaged relationships with lovers amp family alike can cause the heart center to collapse in on itself until the problems are sorted out Spending too much time alone not because you want to be alone but perhaps because you must or youe found yourself without many friends Practicing selfish amp conditional love can also cause the heart to close Imbalance can lead to Asthma a tightness in the chest heart aaa grade fake replica alain silberstein watches palpations heart disease and heartache A feeling of desperation A feeling that your heart is closed like you can allow any love in You may not believe that there is love in this world for you which I promise you there is You might experience difficulties letting go anger and a feeling of hate towards those around you Numbness also stems from a closed heart chakra Waking without a feeling of purpose Noticing an emptiness in your ribs To check for a cause of imbalance ask yourself m I feeling loved and cared for Have I been generous and open with my love Have I been holding my love back from someone dear to me p Things that make the Anahata happy Pressing rose quartz to your heart or a bit of emerald Little acts of kindness like carrying a stranger groceries donating to a charity or volunteering with animals Singing Meditating on the heart center also helps taking a bit of time from your day to focus in on the place where you can feel your heart beating allowing your mind to rest there like a bird on a perch Also practicing unselfish love massaging a partner without the expectation of anything in return or writing a kind letter to someone who could use the reminder that they are loved Tea to balance the Anahata Chakra Craft yourself a floral brew of rose hips lavender hibiscus cherries aaa grade replica alain silberstein watches and green tea Yoga Asana Ustrasana Camel pose A beautiful heartopener You can find Kristen here and at facebook com withonlylove replica alain silberstein watches Tags chakra series heart chakra inspiration kristen hedges wellness You Might Also Like inspirationExploring Your Energy The Manipura ChakraFeb 03 201416 comments inspirationExploring Your Energy The Svadhisthana ChakraJan 27 201413 comments replica alain silberstein watches price uk inspirationExploring Your Energy The Root ChakraJan 20 201420 comments


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